Organisation of a local public consultation

Giving citizens the opportunity to voice their opinion enables the local authorities to take enlightened decisions. The alternatives provided by OpinionWay’s methodological-mix© solution ensure information is gathered and analysed with the level of quality required for such consultations.

Post-test of a speech broadcast on TV or radio

Evaluation of how well a speech broadcast on TV or radio is received by the target audience (recall, understanding, appeal, impact) through measurement of the efficiency of the speech in itself and assessment of the choice of vocabulary. The aim is to shed light on the key words, themes and arguments that prove effective and can be recycled.

Pre-test of language components

Identification of the most efficient arguments to bolster one’s persuasiveness, harmonise speeches or provide a clear response to a communication crisis. Symbolic representations and the argumentation rationale are analysed and are the focus of recommendations (prescribed, permitted, or proscribed language).

Survey publication

Carrying out a survey and publishing the results in the media not only bolsters awareness of a brand, service, or company, but can also serve to back-up a project or press release, or even provide input for a debate. The OpinionWay teams may present the study results by your side during a press conference. OpinionWay study results are always widely disseminated and picked up on, thus guaranteeing maximum visibility.

Consultation surveys

Consulting the public’s opinion within the framework of a participative approach to optimise a project’s chances of success is the very objective of consultation surveys, which are often deployed well before the launch of the project itself. As a result of its expertise of moderation techniques used with groups, including very large groups, OpinionWay has acquired extensive experience and recognition in this field.