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About us

We are African experts, powered by people.

  • We belong to OpinionWay group, created in Paris with 20+ years of experience, 150 experts and strong capabilities in Data Science.
  • We have experience working in 25 African countries directly with our own fields and analysts or in collaboration with our local partners.
  • Our market research analysts are mostly African natives:
    Statisticians, sociologists, ethnologists, data scientists as well as enthusiastic consumers, parents and engaged citizens who know how to illuminate data through their experience and deep knowledge of people's lives.
  • We remain committed to translating them into actionable insights for clients

OpinionWay Africa is a full-service market research agency providing market research solutions to B2C and B2B companies

Market Understanding & Assessment
Clients & Employees Experience

The Qual

We connect with African people in their life contexts to craft rich
& vivid outputs for innovation, inspiration and targeting.

Explore and understand - Good customer research means looking at the experience the way customers see it.
We use face to face or digital qualitative approach to get close to customers so that we can understand their thoughts, feelings, and decisions. Exploratory research will make sure your survey is measuring the right points.
  • Face to face focus group and In-depth interview
  • Online group
  • Ethnographic immersion
  • Mobile auto-ethnography
  • Online community
  • WhatsApp community
  • Shop along
  • Intercept
  • Secrete shopper visit
  • User experience test
  • Eye tracking

The Quant

We provide reliable data and action-ready analytics.

Measure and track - the heart of the customer research is a robust measure of how your customers think, feel and decide.
Our teams ensure strict norms and quality checks to consistently deliver across our 4 pillars to answer to our clients needs and field challenges:
  • Sampling - Reliability & Validity
  • Analysis - Key insights arrived at with focus on detail
  • Project Control - Superior management across multi-cities, strictly adhering to tight timelines
  • Actionability - Relevant and on track, aligned with core objectives
Our quant researchers analysts use a wide range of analysis to translate data into relevant insights for your business
  • Correlation/Impact Analysis
  • Statistical Inference (Hypothesis testing)
  • Benchmark comparison and KPI
  • Choice Models
  • Pricing
  • Customer Churn Modelling
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Satisfaction Index
  • Need-Gap
  • Hypothesis Testing (t-test, F-Test, ANOVA, Chi-Square, Rank Test etc.)
  • Regression analysis
  • Brand funel analysis
  • Shopping missions
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Shopper Footfall Analysis

Actionable Data


Decoding Grids
Thanks to the privileged position we occupy in scrutinizing the evolution of African people and communities.
Innovation Lab
Accelerate your innovation funnel, from ideation to execution, and enable the creation and implementation of an innovation framework end-to-end.
Summarize, visualize and convey information in a clear and intelligible way.
Action Plan
Go to Market

Our scope of intervention

We undertake qual and quant research in 25 African countries, of any size at any time.

Algeria Angola Benin Burkina Faso Cameroon Republic of Congo RDC Ivory Coast Egypt Gabon Ghana Guinea Conakry Kenya Liberia Mali Morocco Mozambique Nigeria Rwanda Senegal South Africa Tanzania Togo Tunisia Zambia

Industries we cover

Telecom & Internet & Software Food & Beverages Consumer Goods Energy Money, Finance & Insurance Public Sector Automotive & Transportation Tobacco Retail & Ecommerce Pharma & Healthcare Entertainment Agriculture

Contact Us

Managing Director - North Africa
(+212) 662 29 65 34
Forum Bab Abdelaziz,
62 Boulevard d’Anfa, 5ème étage, Appartement 52
Casablanca 20250
Florence de BIGAULT
General Manager - Sub Saharan Africa
(+225) 07 97 23 47 35
Immeuble Youma
Cocody II Plateaux


They trusted us.

Confidentiality and Certification

OpinionWay is committed to the utmost confidentiality with respect to Survey Objectives and Results, as well as any documents that may be provided to it in any form.

As an ESOMAR Member, OpinionWay complies with ESOMAR legal and ethical requirements.
OpinionWay France applies ISO 20252 and conducts strict monitoring of every step of a Survey.
As an ASOCS Member, OpinionWay conducts studies in accordance with ASOCS charter.