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Why and how to tackle data illiteracy?

The 2019 edition of PWC’s recurring survey of international decision-makers from major companies revealed a paradoxical situation*: 95% of the decision-makers considered that data is essential to make a marketing decision. But only 15% felt that the data available to them was complete (even fewer than in 2009 – 21%!). In the meantime, the volume of available data has exponentially grown, driven by the digital transformation. Increasingly since the 2010’s, journeys, behaviours and conversations leave traces – structured or unstructured like texts or images – that can be collected, stored and processed. Could this paradox be linked to data illiteracy, i.e. an inability or difficulty in exploiting data ? Discover Philippe Le Magueresse's analysis !

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The OpinionWay group opens a new subsidiary in Ivory Coast

With the opening of this new regional office in the heart of Africa, the OpinionWay group is adapting and deploying its expertise on the dynamic markets of its international customers, to support them in their development in an ever more innovative way. This new Ivorian headquarters works in synergy with OpinionWay France and the Maghreb, by mobilizing local skills and the support of poles of complementary expertise based in Casablanca and Paris. This new subsidiary is headed by Florence de Bigault, who joins the OpinionWay group as CEO of OpinionWay Sub-Saharan Africa.

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OpinionWay Polska - Impact of COVID19 on e-commerce in Poland - December 2020


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