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Sodexo logoResolution #1 Help your employees save time and benefit in kind

Time is money, yet it is also a source of stress when you’re stuck in traffic! On average, people around the world spend close to 40 minutes on their daily commute to work (and the same on the way home). That adds up to 300 hours a year, the equivalent of more than 10% of the time actually spent at work. An effective company policy on travel and transport can therefore make a real difference when it comes to employee engagement and productivity.

 The first thing to think about is a way of covering all or part of their commute costs. Employees really appreciate such benefits, which can have a huge impact on their monthly budget. These measures can go hand in hand with other solutions, like promoting greener mobility (walking, cycling, etc.) by covering the cost of bike share services, for example. You can also simplify the reimbursement of expenses by using systems like the Sodexo Xpenditure app. You, your frontline employees, and your managers will all save time! Last but not least, new advances in technology now make it much easier to work from home. This kind of solution is definitely worth considering: 89% of small-business leaders who introduced programs to provide a better work-life balance (especially through home working, flexible working hours and concierge services) saw an increase in employee productivity and efficiency.

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