The dawn of a new relational model

Individuals on a quest for new experiences

Consumers, citizens, employees all aspire to unique relational and hedonic experiences. Conventional study “tools” no longer fully meet these expectations.

Failing to take this into account means running the risk of stating the obvious, providing answers tinged with complacency or restricted to common sense. We, on the other hand, advocate sincerity, depth, a refined approach, and careful listening.

OpinionWay prefers to embrace this trend by placing emphasis on transparency, engagement, horizontality and experience, within the framework of a new driving force that we have named: GenerationW!

Traditional qualitative methods: focus groups, triads, confrontation groups, dyads, individual interviews (IDIs).

Study objectives often include the search for information linked to collective comprehension, logic, and representations.

  • Telephone or face-to-face qualitative individual interviews (for understanding)

Understanding of a message, use of a service, evaluation of website navigation, or product assessment is above all a personal experience which requires investigation via an individual interview. The respondent’s answers must not be influenced by their entourage.

  • Focus groups in a central location (for optimisation)

Exploration of brand representation, atmosphere, identification of possible improvements to a service or advertisement must be studied through group dynamics, thus enhancing the efficacy of projective or creative exercises to reach out beyond rational attitudes, convenances or complacent answers.

  • Methodological-mix applied to qualitative studies

Rather than choosing one single information collection technique, OpinionWay may advocate simultaneously resorting to individual and collective questioning. Hence, participants in a group session may also be asked to carry out individual evaluations or experimentation (self-completed questionnaires, isolated navigation, silent product test, user test, etc.).

Another alternative is to extend individual questioning phases with group meetings, creative exercises, or discussions based on diary entries with all the members of the group when the issue at hand justifies such a strategy.

For more complete methodological-mix solutions, OpinionWay advocates online preparatory tasks or post-tasks.