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Insight Communities

Online market research communities are now part of the classic portfolio of solutions that grant access to customer experience but also innovation. As from the moment the company was founded, we started deploying these techniques by creating and managing our own panel.

OpinionWay also develops communities around a specific theme or target to enable its clients to carry out faster, cheaper, more operational and participative studies.

These communities are constituted ad hoc, based on client files or via lead generation operations. OpinionWay determines the optimal questioning frequency and develops specific loyalty programs to limit churn and bolster participation. Teams of community-web managers & researchers moderate the community in compliance with pre-determined rules to meet the new needs of market research studies and encourage co-creation.


OpinionWay panel comprising more than 100,000 members who accept to participate in qualitative or quantitative studies.
Created in 2000 and managed by OpinionWay, it has proven to be one of the most dynamic and reliable market research panels in France.
Multi-source recruitment, personalisation of incentives and the relational program all contribute to this panel being truly unique on the market.

Citizen panel

The solution which enables to assess and monitor citizens’ perceptions and expectations over time, ensure enhanced piloting of the communication strategies adopted by local authorities or pertaining to public policies, involve inhabitants in decision-making, understand local evolutions by following the same individuals, or even analyse support and opposition to local initiatives.


To achieve real-time understanding of the perceptions of the general public, OpinionWay moderates a permanent community composed of several hundred participants.
A topic is put to the community every week, which is then debated for two days.
Results are almost immediate, costs are reduced and it yields the most natural and relevant opinions that could possibly be collected or analysed.

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The "MoiJeune" community : the selfie of the young generation

The MoiJeune community was launched in March 2016 by 20 Minutes and OpinionWay.

It brings together young people aged 18-30 around a series of polls whose questioning is done only via smartphone.

Since the beginning of the project, more than 60 surveys have been carried out and more than 5000 young people aged between 18 and 30 have been able to give their opinion on 14 themes defined by journalists from the editorial staff of 20 Minutes or suggested by the young people, whether it is about social issues or news.

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