Innovation at the heart of online qualitative studies

Forever more innovative online information gathering methods

OpinionWay has always sought for the most efficient techniques to gather and understand opinion. Whether it be through the creation of its first online focus group moderation tool in 2000 (NetFocus), the use of bulletin boards, qualitative blogs or the creation of conversational platforms bringing together several thousand participants, we never cease to innovate.

OpinionWay teams have acquired extensive expertise of online qualitative surveying and moderation techniques. They are constantly testing new ways of meeting your study needs and your marketing or communication questions.

  • Need for spontaneity: remote synchronous group or NetFocus©

It is common practice to conduct individual interviews when bringing participants together in a central location proves difficult or expensive (opinion leaders, company directors, elected representatives, etc.). However, it is possible to recruit these population categories by telephone and suggest participation in an online consumer group (via Internet). All that is required is for them to connect to the Internet without having to travel… thus rendering group dynamics a possibility once again for these targets. This is why OpinionWay is the leader in the field of remote group moderation in France.

  • Need for tangible and detailed insight into detailed consumer experience, or optimised group work: asynchronous group, qualitative blog and conversational space.

Certain topics require greater participant involvement, assigning them tasks (photographing their wardrobe, places where they store their tools, an attractive shelf-display, etc.) or even giving them time to discuss, debate and reflect. In this case, OpinionWay opts for an online interface which helps foster maximum levels of interaction between participants (one to two weeks, uploading of photos or videos, etc.): a qualitative blog, also referred to as conversational, deliberative, or participative space. These interfaces are also very well suited to internal company debates and are frequently used by human resources managers.

  • Need for reactivity and a broader sample: OpinionLive®

OpinionWay has for example created OpinionLive®, the first permanent qualitative community, enabling the gathering of insight into varied topics in two days.

  • Methodological-mix© applied to qualitative studies

OpinionWay may combine several qualitative techniques depending on its clients’ needs. Our teams suggest the most appropriate methodological-mix©, the type of moderation which is most suitable (synchronous or asynchronous) or most complete (combination of online and face to face techniques, etc.).

This type of study provides crucial insight into human resources managers who wish to encourage internal company debate.