Enhanced transmission of study results.


These mini-websites aim to enhance your study via a digital and dynamic solution tailored to your communication needs. It provides a stable framework for the information and democratises the results on the internet, while fighting against the ephemeral dimension of communication.

This mini-website can be entirely personalised to reflect your image (logo, colours, typeface, graphic design, etc.) and will enable you to synthesise all the data of a study, beyond just the numbers (syntheses, press releases, downloadable content, social networks, etc.).

This easily accessible, graphic, and dynamic communication platform conceived entirely with a responsive design approach meets the needs of a digital communication solution that is accessible on all kinds of devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) - a crucial prerequisite to trigger impact in the media, visibility for your brand and traffic on your websites.

A few examples of these mini-websites:




Data design, data visualisation, dashboards & narrative art

Ever since its creation, OpinionWay has placed the utmost importance on the way in which collected and analysed data is presented and then diffused.

Everyone, from the project manager to the business unit director, has undergone Datavisualisation and Storytelling training.

  • Reports are drafted based on meaningful and striking narrative frameworks.
  • Studies are illustrated with video or film extracts or with state-of-the-art infographics and data design.
  • OpinionWay created the first video omnibus in France and has its own integrated multimedia studio (editing workstation, Photoshop, Illusrator, etc.) dedicated to infographics and video.

Our goal is to render the findings from the studies we undertake for our clients simpler, more impactful, and more appealing.

Mini clip, Prezi, Motion Design, poster or even interactive dashboard… OpinionWay can advise you with regard to the exploitation of your results and undertake this in record time without resorting to multiple partners.

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The VoxPop

Le Studio by OpinionWay offers many solutions to make the appropriation of your results easier, such as "VoxPop" movies. To find out more about this solution, please contact us !

Our videos


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