Interviewing of rare and high-income targets

For over a decade, OpinionWay has regularly carried out studies amongst HNWI (High-Net-Worth Individual), VVR (Very Very Rich), Top3, Top5, Top10, managers and opinion leaders.

OpinionWay has extensive experience of studies involving the following targets in particular:

  • Owners of high jewellery watches,
  • Big donors,
  • Purchasers of high jewellery,
  • Luxury Maison ready-to-wear or leather goods clients,
  • "Grand cru" or "flacon d’exception" consumers, etc.

OpinionWay attaches a great deal of importance to client value, especially in the world of luxury. Each contact is treated with the highest consideration. For these studies, OpinionWay reaches out beyond traditional study techniques and has developed unique know-how and an approach based on:

  • Discretion (respondent anonymity),
  • Flexibility (fitting in with interviewee schedule and not vice-versa),
  • Respect for the rapport between the Luxury Maison and its client (ensuring the study is a real asset for the CRM strategy),
  • Awareness of locations that are suitable for luxury clients (avoiding the laboratory effect),
  • Tradition of expressing personalised gratitude (symbolic token of thanks),

Protocols that are specifically adapted to studies on the luxury market

  • Interview dates arranged to fit in with interviewee schedules (and not vice versa),
  • Group discussions held over lunch or dinner in the private dining area of a renowned restaurant,
  • Invitations to participate in exclusive events,
  • Questionnaire design tailored to each study,
  • Client feedback procedures involving all the brand’s teams, from the CEO to store advisers.

Broad range of study types

Quantitative and qualitative studies (France, UK, Germany, Italy, China, Hong-Kong, Russia, Dubai, USA, Japan, Brazil):

  • Image assessment,
  • Product pre-launch testing, advertising pre-testing and post-testing,
  • Profiling studies,
  • Exploratory studies (classified grands crus in China, engagement rings in emerging markets, the charity business, the image of diamonds worldwide, the luxury market in Russia, etc.).

Prestigious clients… who wish to remain discreet

  • High jewellery timepieces,
  • Writing instruments,
  • Jewellery,
  • Fashion & accessories,
  • Wines & spirits.

Extensive expertise and subscription to observatories

  • The rich Chinese,
  • Men & luxury watches,
  • Luxury & the digital world, …