General practitioners, specialists, pharmacists, patients


Wide-ranging international expertise

The healthcare department conducts studies with healthcare professionals and patients-consumers both in France and abroad: quantitative studies based on patient or healthcare professional panels, online qualitative studies, focus groups, blogs or patient communities, ethno-visual studies, methodological-mix©, social media research, analytics.

Because healthcare is not the preserve of pharmaceutical companies and the Health Authorities (EFS, INSV, Biomedicine Agency, patient associations, etc.) this department also conducts studies in the fields of cosmetics, nutrition, health media, health insurance, and complementary health cover.


3 main types of studies:


  • Concept / positioning testing,
  • Marketing mix testing/evolution,
  • Communication pre-tests and post-tests (patients and healthcare professionals),
  • Image and awareness testing,
  • Usages & attitudes research (consumption, prescription, advice),
  • Service satisfaction surveys,
  • Sales force efficiency studies,
  • Market evaluation & quantification studies.



  • Studies published to bolster a communication campaign (press release, infographics, press conference).



  • Parallel studies with patients & healthcare professionals,
  • Study of prescription attitudes in the context of a specific pathology with or without patient cases,
  • Quality of life studies,
  • Patient experience studies focusing on a specific pathology.


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