expertise cosmetique

The cosmetics and hygiene products market is characterised by gradual fragmentation and an increasing number of newcomers. Increased competitiveness is also playing out on the internet due to widespread digitalisation… A situation common to many other markets we study.

This transformation of the consumption of cosmetics, hygiene and beauty products explains many of the changes that are taking place within the offer.



Intensification of the focus on price

Appearance of very low-cost brands (Kiko, Body Minute, Tchip Coiffure), do-it-yourself solutions (Aroma Zone, DIY workshops, La Souris Verte workshops, etc.), the search for good bargains, private online sales, discount coupons, etc.

The quest for convenience

Digital beauty is developing, in particular via: applications and tutorials to learn how to apply or touch-up one’s make-up, a wide range of connected experiences (Sephora), consultation of the opinions of cosmetic product users, search for good bargains on forums, use of social networks, etc.

Defiance regarding experts, trust in one’s peers

Increasingly important role of beauty bloggers (Look by Audrey, Cream et Sentiment, Sweety kiss life …), forever more demanding consumers who hold brands to account (parabens, aluminium, animal testing, etc.), development of local brands (organic cosmetics), consultation of the opinion of cosmetic product users, etc.

Usage is supplanting ownership

This trend is emerging in the cosmetics industry too! The swapping of beauty and makeup products (Beauty Troc), exchanging products for advice/packaging, or even new brands based on crowdfunding (Happycuriennes, etc.).

Empowerment of the individual

Creating one’s own skincare, beauty and make-up products from raw ingredients is one of the latest consumer trends! Consumers no longer hesitate to seek information on the internet and social networks to find the best products and the best addresses for aesthetic medicine. They are striving to bring the focus back on natural and organic products, instil meaning to their acts of consumption, “imitate the pros” and are increasingly swapping advice and tips on social networks.