Precise awareness of the trends of one’s market, measurement of customer volumes, assessment of usage and its evolution.

This type of study capitalises on upstream analysis of the universe to be investigated and on expertise of BtoB samples. Results are representative and enable to bring to light market shares, trends, or opportunities, while dissociating them from movements internal to the universe.

Our BtoB and “large scale survey” department has extensive experience of the rules of construction and representation of company and market universes in France as well as in key European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.

OpinionWay provides you with:

  • In-depth knowledge of company universes for the European B2B markets (establishments, companies, groups),
  • Expertise of sampling techniques, and market share or opportunities calculation,
  • Unrivalled know-how regarding surveys amongst managers or decision-makers,
  • Implementation of ‘standard’ quality control steps during the information gathering and treatment processes.


OmniPro®: 100% BtoB omnibus

Our omnibus survey solution for VSB-SME-LBE professionals.

OmniPro® enables to interview your customers or prospects by telephone in a record time via a 100% pro solution which gives you the possibility of asking up to 10 questions to more than 1,000 company directors to:

  • Assess the image of your brand, the perception of your products or services amongst your BtoB customers;
  • Measure your competitors’ penetration rate and the intention they have of equipping themselves in products/services;
  • Identify directors’ needs, expectations, concerns, choice criteria and purchase intention, so as to develop your business.


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Observatory of Company Founders®

A regular survey conducted amongst founders of companies launched under three years ago.

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