noun 1562 moneybox


Loans, financing, means of payment, life & accident insurance, placements, etc. All these professions that were once pre-empted by banks and traditional insurance companies are now being challenged. The transformation of consumption has triggered the advent of companies that are using the possibilities provided by the Internet and mobile devices to the full – and this trend is showing no signs of abating.




Intensification of the focus on price

What with the development of online banking and insurance, the increasing use of free comparators, the widespread availability of connected devices that enable to pay only for what one consumes (pay as you drive), the Banking-Finance-Insurance sector is undergoing a real revolution.

The quest for convenience

Individuals are forever seeking for greater simplicity: carrying out of day-to-day operations online, subscription to bank account management applications, development of applications to declare claims or accidents… The key players in this sector are doing their utmost to simplify pathways and experience.

Defiance regarding experts, trust in one’s peers

One can also observe that individuals are distancing themselves from bank advisers: development of peer-to-peer loan websites, advent of finance start-ups (Fintechs), etc.

Usage is supplanting ownership

Finally, all parties are having to adapt to the evolution of the market: development of collaborative consumption, car-sharing, the success or AirBnB, transformation of the risks covered by insurance policies.

Empowerment of the individual

Autonomous management of one’s savings, placements, contracts, search for meaning regarding the chosen placements, online loans, crowdfunding: individuals are hankering for autonomy!