OpinionWay has always asserted its readiness to publish opinion surveys on key social and political issues.

Our approaches draw on:

  • Close ties with the media, thus ascertaining regular contact with journalists,
  • Recurring projects undertaken for ministries, political parties, trade unions and local authorities,
  • A capacity to provide advice and strategic support based on extensive experience of handling diverging opinions.

Associations, political parties

Such organisations share similar needs: measuring of opinion on recent news stories, assessment of the perception of a public policy, or even evaluation of political power relations.

Our recommendations are based on in-depth knowledge of electoral cycles and attitudes, acquired through extensive expertise of voting intention polls published in the media, voting estimates, but also image and voting strategy studies undertaken for political parties.

Administrative bodies, institutions, local authorities, third sector

Our solutions enable to assess the efficiency and performance of public policies, measure awareness and image of public figures, or even gain insight into the level of adherence to a specific project by a target population.

Advertising agencies, PR, lobbying

In the marketing, advertising and communication sector, surveys may serve to measure opinion on news stories, or explore practices or attitudes relative to a trend in society. Not only do these survey processes serve the purpose of questioning, but they also bolster awareness and image of the study sponsor.

Our recommendations in the field are based on precise knowledge of how to bring unique content to the forefront, while also resonating with current news stories and thus encouraging the media to take notice.

Due to OpinionWay’s high level of media visibility, communication of the opinion survey results further enhances awareness of the brand behind the study.