A wealth of insight for Human Resources and Communication Managers


Strategic input focusing on employee experience, quality of life in the workplace, internal communication, or corporate image amongst the stakeholders at large.

Management & employee engagement

Evaluation of employee engagement and the extent to which company values are understood and adhered to, with the aim of identifying managerial levers that bolster engagement or involvement in a group project.


Corporate culture

Comprehensive evaluation of corporate culture, and more specifically of employee state of mind and level of satisfaction to pinpoint where progress can be made regarding: their day to day work, their rapport with fellow employees, their management, company policies, the company.

Employer branding

Assessment of the reputation of a company, in the context of digitalisation, to attract candidates and young talent, to determine: the main levers of appeal, the main barriers, its positioning in a competitive universe, its communication strategy.

Integration of new employees

In-depth evaluation of the pathway of new employees, and in particular:

  • Perception of their integration within the company,
  • Their opinion of the integration pathway,
  • Their career prospects within the company.

Crisis communication

Investigation of the impact on image subsequently to an event resulting in media coverage or internal repercussions, so as to analyse its impact on company reputation.

OpinionWay has the agility required to:

  • Reliably and quickly survey public opinion or conduct an internal investigation,
  • Identify specific language within social networks that is risky or opportune, as well the adequate response,
  • Determine prescribed, permitted, proscribed language (or silences).

Corporate image

Study of company image and DNA amongst opinion leaders, employees, customers, partners and in the media to grasp assets that give the company a competitive edge and identify the coherence or discrepancies between: image the company wishes to convey, image emitted, image conveyed, and image perceived.

Convention impact

Assessment of the impact of a company convention on the state of mind of participants and more specifically:

  • Contribution to the success of the event and future editions,
  • Evaluation of the success of the event,
  • Measurement of message understanding, diffusion, and recall,
  • Assessment of the impact of the event on the level of employee engagement.