According to OpinionWay, reality is to be found where viewpoints intersect, thus requiring an approach that encompasses multiple research axes:

Close-up perspective: online or offline qualitative studies and ethnology

OpinionWay makes use of a blend of qualitative data gathering techniques to gain better insight into perceptions, behaviour, and attitudes. Clients’ specific needs determine the type of moderation to be implemented (synchronous or asynchronous, face-to-face, or remote).
OpinionWay develops methodological-mix© solutions comprising synchronous remote groups (online focus group or NetFocus©), asynchronous groups (qualitative blog, consumption journal), focus groups and face-to-face in-depth interviews held in a central location, video and ethnographic surveys, semiotic and lexicological analysis, as well as EyeTracking.

Panoramic perspective: quantitative studies and big data

OpinionWay is one of the first market research companies in France to have integrated, in the year 2000, the entire study production chain online : Access panel (Newpanel), sampling software, NetCawi© online survey software. All our solutions have been developed based on our own specifications and are owned by us.
Conventional data gathering methods (telephone and face-to-face interviews, self-completed questionnaires) represent four out of ten studies carried out by OpinionWay, and are co-treated with partners selected for their reliability and reactivity.
Customer data, behavioural data and declarative data are increasingly linked. We regularly work on the concomitant analysis of various sources: scoring, optimisation of operational segmentation, and analysis of unstructured data. We also integrate Desk Research.

Expert perspective: a singular point of view

For its clients, OpinionWay delves into the wealth of expertise acquired by experts in the field, consumer experts (early adopters, heavy users, etc.) and opinion leaders. Their direct or bird’s eye view (on the issue at hand or our analysis) instils greater depth to our answers and optimises our recommendations.