Make the world intelligible to act today and imagine tomorrow.

OpinionWay is a precursor of innovation in the market research, communication, and opinion survey sector.

Sociologists, psychosociologists, ethnologists, consultants, journalists, photo journalists, data designers, programmers, statisticians, mathematicians… we all share the same passion and obsession: relentlessly testing and creating new ways of conducting market researches in partnership with start-ups and innovative players on the market to bring forward deadlines and reduce costs, enhance the reliability of your data, as well as provide more useful and more operational information.

Whether applied to qualitative or quantitative surveys, hard data analysis (frequentation, geolocation, purchases, etc.), social data studies, or predictive analysis, OpinionWay has advocated methodological-mix© solutions ever since its creation.

When it comes to presenting results, OpinionWay suggests deliverables that include rich media content (integrating images, sound, videos, data) or infographics (interactive data visualisation, posters, motion design), creativity sessions or even activation workshops.