Claire Boudet

Director of Social Media Intelligence activities

Master degree in Strategie, Defense & Security from sciences Po Lille and Bachelor of Arts from Kent University in Canterbury. Ex. Publicis Consultants Net Intelligenz


Philippe Le Magueresse

Deputy Managing Director & Chief Data Officer

The serenity of an Aikido master.
École Supérieure de Commerce (ICN Nancy).
EX-Nielsen and TNS Sofres

Thierry Chalumeau

Deputy Managing Director in charge of devlopment
Knows the Louvre museum like the back of his hand.
Master’s degree in Statistics and Econometrics from Toulouse I, Master’s degree in Mathematics from Montpellier II.

Yann Aledo

Associate Director
Keen on whipping, but only egg whites into a foam.
Ex-Ipsos, ex-Publicis.
IEP Toulouse. Master’s degree in communication from Paris 1-Sorbonne.

Olivier Guillon

Deputy Managing Director & Co-Director LIFE department

Caroline Vigneront