A labelled CSR commitment

OpinionWay is committed to a sustainable corporate social responsibility policy, implemented through various initiatives undertaken on several levels.

OpinionWay is a responsible company with a CSR policy expressed through various initiatives carried out at several levels.

In July 2022, EcoVadis once again awarded OpinionWay the "Silver" level of recognition, placing the company among the 21% of companies with the highest ratings by EcoVadis in terms of environmental and social performance. The company had already received this recognition in May 2017.

OpinionWay also obtained a score of 69/100 in the AFNOR assessment of its CSR performance in July 2020 (self-declared overall average of 55/100).


On a daily basis, our approach is reflected in particular by :

  • The exclusive use of recycled paper,
  • Sorting and recycling paper via the Cèdre company,
  • The cleaning of the offices is carried out by ISS, a company with a real environmental approach,
  • The recovery of ink cartridges from our printers,
  • The provision of reusable cups for employees' hot drinks...

Corporate responsibility:

OpinionWay provides its employees with opportunities for Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and participation in an Employee Savings Plan. A Study Grant program destined to supporting socially responsible start-ups has also been set up.

Study grants

As part of our CSR policy, we support each year social entrepreneurs in their strategic and tactical decision-making, in collaboration with Les Audacieuses programme of La Ruche.

Les Audacieuses is a women's social entrepreneurship programme supported by La Ruche.
Since 2007, OpinionWay has been supporting associations and social enterprises on subjects as varied as integration through employment, the design of sportswear made from recycled plastic, the setting up of bulk scales, the sending of fun and inspiring itineraries that give access to a route in the region of a personality, regional recipes, the recycling of fresh produce, music therapy, the distribution of unsold products or of our regions or of flowers... to help them develop!

Through its call for projects, Les Audacieuses, La Ruche supports women in Île de France and Nouvelle Aquitaine (France) in launching their social enterprise.

As a partner since 2017, OpinionWay is delighted to be able to join forces once again in 2021 with Les Audacieuses programme, which promotes female social entrepreneurship!

How does it work in practice?

OpinionWay selected 7 female entrepreneurs from among 15 winners who came to pitch to its teams in early 2021. 7 projects are thus proposed to employees during a pitch session, and each one then votes for the project that is closest to their hearts and that they would like to support.

This initiative allows OpinionWay Group employees - on a voluntary basis - to get involved in a project with a social vocation, while working across the board and exploring subjects that interest them and are sometimes out of the ordinary. This experience also allows them to discover entrepreneurship and all that it entails.

We support them in 2021 :

Social responsibility:

Our panellists can transform their compensation into donations to NGOs. More than 200,000 Euros have already been transferred via our partnership with La Social Factory since 2006.

Rain Drop aims to help families in rural India fight against drought and poverty.

By living amongst the villagers, the team managed to gain both an overall and detailed perspective of the main day to day needs. This explains their involvement in a broad spectrum of activities, while supporting inhabitants with issues directly linked to water and the preservation of natural resources. They also tackle economic and social issues which are essential to ensure the perennity of the projects and long-term improvement of the families’ living conditions.

Founded in 2007, BSF strives to help others live in a dignified way and emancipate, via enhanced access to information and education.
BSF works in more than twenty countries worldwide and its projects have provided assistance to over two million people in ten years.

Noé is a non-profit organisation which aims to preserve and restore biodiversity in France and abroad, and whose ultimate goal is a sustainable planet teeming with life where biodiversity and humanity coexist in harmony.
Noé’s pragmatic, positive and optimistic approach places action on the centre stage and gives each and every one of us the opportunity to play an active role in the preservation and restoration of biodiversity.