Detecting insights and intelligence to monitor one’s reputation online.

Seeing further afield to better grasp all the components of Opinion

To ascertain that all the components of opinion are taken into consideration, OpinionWay does not limit itself to questioning consumers or citizens. Opinion is everywhere. It is expressed spontaneously on social networks, blogs, forums and participative spaces in the media. Since 2008, OpinionWay has thus been analysing unstructured content published on the internet to grasp the various facets of opinion.
We are no longer satisfied with measuring the share of voice of your brand on the internet, or classifying verbatim by theme. Our role is to identify the most relevant insights to help you take profitable and quick decisions.
OpinionWay uses the most advanced data gathering solutions (and that best meet our clients’ needs) as well as social network analysis tools (text mining) and has established partnerships with various key players in the field of SMR.

Real-time or regular frequency brand monitoring

OpinionWay identifies the natural conversations found on the internet concerning your brand, your products, and your services. Whether it be in response to a crisis, or on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, OpinionWay sends you an analysis report which provides you with an update of language used, and suggests recommendations and appropriate arguments. The budget is established depending on the perimeter to be covered and the frequency with which opinion is to be monitored.

Brand positioning audit / online communication assessment

Being equipped with highly specialised solutions, OpinionWay carries out an assessment of the digital presence of brands or products. Everything that is said outside the brand’s familiar territories is sorted and then analysed. We thus provide you with clear interpretation of the key axes of online rhetoric pertaining to the brand, a typology of comments made about it, and insight into weak signals.
The same process can be carried out subsequently to communication operations.

Identification of influencers / mapping

Within the framework of media relations, we identify influencers, allies and/or detractors of a brand / organisation.
Once a census has been undertaken, modelling of the influential spheres is performed via a mapping solution. The links between each influencer, opinion leaders in a specific sphere, and contacts to be given priority to are thus brought to light. Details of the identity of each of these players and their online contact details are provided together with the mapping.

Social Media Research best practices

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